Summons to an Oak

©1997 Kathy E. Sparling
Oil on Canvas, 28″ x 21″ – Giclée Limited Editions on paper and canvas. ORIGINAL IS AVAILABLE (call or email for price)


The oak tree on the hill has always been a wonderful daydream image, which brings a sense of peace and strength to me. I found this tree in a field near a dry creek bed. It was there that I was able to see this dramatic perspective and all of the detail I incorporated into the piece. The blue-belly lizard stood watch as I sketched, so I honored it by putting it on a rock. I have always identified with red-tail hawks too, they have always been very symbolic beings for me, so they naturally made their way into the composition.

Limited Edition Giclées:  28″ x 21″, 18″ x 14″
Matted, backed and bagged: 8″ x 10″ (11″ x 14″ matte) available on photo paper and fine art paper

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